Week 11 Post

Well guys, this is it. We’re coming down to the last week of classes. This is the final stretch home, I’m almost there I can see the end of the semester in the distance and I am so ready to have an amazing summer. Wow, I cant believe this class went by so fast, it feels as if almost yesterday we were creating our professional “aboutme” pages. What a journey it has been. And a rather pleasant one too. This class really has been so much fun to be in, I have learned so much and will take all of these skills with me into the future. I think this is the only class in my 14 years of school that has really taught me about the future, job seeking, and skills for the real world. And I am benefitting from it in so many ways. College in my opinion is not preparing us students for the future and looking for jobs when we graduate. I hate to say it but its true. They aren’t teaching us real world skills that we will use outside of the classroom. This os the only class that has done so and if I never would’ve take this class I would’ve been missing out on so much important information. Almost all of the classes I have taken so far in college have not given me a perspective on what I am going to deal with in the real world and thats disappointing. I think everybody should be required to take CISC101 because they can learn a few things as did I. And now I think I am more prepared than ever to enter the world as an adult after graduation and follow my dreams and take these skills along the way on my journey to success. I made a Prezi which I am already very familiar with, detailing my experiences and thoughts on this class through the semester. Thank you guys from staying up to date and in tune with my blog posts throughout the weeks. I advise you all to look for me soon in the near future on you’re TVs and Radios because I promise you I am going to make it big one day and you guys were my first supporters so I’ll make sure to thank not only you guys but also Professor Boyer when I am accepting my Oscar!