Week 7 Post

Hey guys, Im back form Spring Break. It was a much needed break for me lol I’ve been so stressed and worked up about school Im thankful for the time off to relax. This week we learned about creating resumes and we were assigned to create a “fake” thats reads as if we were graduating and what we had accomplished in that time span. Here is link to mine which I encourage all of you to check out! It’s very important to have a strong resume with tons of experiences. This is the only way employers will know of what you have done in the past and what you have learned which can contribute to their company. Without a resume or experience there isn’t much you can do because sadly employers will not take you seriously and will think of you as unprofessional. So my advice to all of you readers is to go out there and see the world. Do things you’re really interested in and have fun!


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