Week 9 Post


Look guys I made a meme! I love memes I literally see them all over the internet and they are the funniest things to read. It was kind of difficult to create one while at the same time trying to convey a message within the meme. At first I was really stuck and didn’t know what to make but then I thought to myself, I should try and connect it to a personal experience. And then a light bulb went off in my head. Have you went out on a school night and partied a little too hard and then the next day you walk into class and totally forgot that there was a test? Yep, unfortunately I have been there before and it made me want to cry. So the message I am trying to convey here is that you should always know you’re schedule, know when you have tests, appointments, events, etc. Anything important you have going on you should have written down or set on your calendar that way you know what you have going on. That way you dont end up like this guy aka Michael Jordan on a meme and have the whole world make memes about you.


Week 8 Post

GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? I am in the process of creating a website! Isn’t that cool? My own website, wow never thought I would ever say that. This is going to allow me to put all of my information onto one platform. Whether it be personal or business related, my fans will be able to go there to stay up to date with me. I plan on having all of my social media accounts linked to it so that people will be able to go to my accounts straight from the site. I also plan to have a schedule and calendar of al my upcoming press tours, meet and greets, etc so that the fans will be able to attend events of mine. Heres a link to my site so that you guys can check it out, its a rough draft layout so don’t be alarmed it is unfinished. Apart from the exciting news of my new website I also have stumbled upon a new tool which I am in love with. It is called TEDTalks. This is a website in which public speakers have shows where they talk to and explain some of todays most fascinating ideas and and talks about the world. These videos really make you question what Life is and it is so interesting. Theres talks on there from Finding Success all the way to understanding how the Brain works and thinks. This website is very motivational. On my website I will most likely share and post videos form this site to inspire my viewers and fans to go out there and chase there dreams and inspire them to purse them. And also to just show fans what I’m interested in and what I think of them.

Week 7 Post

Hey guys, Im back form Spring Break. It was a much needed break for me lol I’ve been so stressed and worked up about school Im thankful for the time off to relax. This week we learned about creating resumes and we were assigned to create a “fake” thats reads as if we were graduating and what we had accomplished in that time span. Here is link to mine which I encourage all of you to check out! It’s very important to have a strong resume with tons of experiences. This is the only way employers will know of what you have done in the past and what you have learned which can contribute to their company. Without a resume or experience there isn’t much you can do because sadly employers will not take you seriously and will think of you as unprofessional. So my advice to all of you readers is to go out there and see the world. Do things you’re really interested in and have fun!