Week 6 Post

Now this week I am going to talk about something that is very well known in this world. And that is Copyright Laws. You see what a copyright law does is it protects the content of a piece of work, such as: music, film, tv, products, etc. And the originator/creator owns all right to the work and decides where it goes, who can see it and also who can have it. What this does is it prevents others from trying to steal and use these pieces of work elsewhere for their own purposes. For example, Pirating movies is illegal because it breaks copyright laws and these people record the movies in the theatre and then make copies and sell them for money without the knowledge of the original owner. In my opinion that is so messed up that people have the audacity to copy someone else work and use if for their own selfish needs. Copyright is something that needs to be around forever in order to protect ones work. Which leads me right into my next topic which is Plagiarism. Plagiarism is very similar to copyright. But this occurs when an individual takes word for word lets say a speech for example and uses it as their own speech and pretends as if they are the ones that wrote it. When in reality that is someone else’s doing. You are taking all the credit for something you didn’t do and taking all the hard work of someone else and making it seem as if you did it. This is so wrong on many levels. The creator probably spent hours working on there things and to have someone come and take all the credit for something they didn’t do is a shame. Now remixing is a little different. This is when someone takes small parts of a bigger picture and uses those small parts for a different project that has elements of the original. Now in my opinion this isn’t too bad because in most cases the originator gives permission and is often involved in the process of the remix. All in all I think people should stop trying to steal other peoples works of art because is horrible. To know that I could work so hard on something and the have someone come along and steal all of it and use it as if they did it is so disappointing and sad. I hope this will one day stop and that these laws are proven to be more strict that way it doesn’t happened again. Sorry if I became a little too involved in this weeks blog, but I really feel strongly about this and believe this needs to be taken care of.


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