Week 5 Post

I can hardly contain my excitement at this moment because of this new website that I was introduced to this past week! It is honestly one of the most creative and actually useful social media websites I have seen in a while. Even the layout and way it is all set up is very appealing to my eyes. This place pretty much organizes all the different types of social media accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Netflix! and puts it all on one page. From there you are able to click on your desired destination and it takes you straight to that site. This is so much easier and better than having to type in the URL and hit enter and all that other nonsense lol. As well as being introduces to this site, my teacher also challenged us to find an association or publication site of something that is in your desired field for a job in the future, (I chose the E! news network because thats where the celebrity news is on) and go to one of their social media outlets and to look at the people having conversations or sharing info on that page and see if they are the type of people you would want to follow for your own purposes. By doing this I am able to dive deeper into the world of entertainment which is what I plan on pursuing and it allows me to see other people interested in the same thing. It’s almost like this sort of chain where I go to one site, then from there go to another site associated with it, then see all the people on this new site, and so on and so forth. Its almost never ending if you think about it because one person will lead to another. This could be beneficial in the future cause I could start out interacting with people who are small in the business and eventually get to talking with some executives and the higher up people in the industry that could land me better gigs and jobs. Some things I was looking for within different peoples profiles were that they all stayed professional which is a good thing because you don’t want to be associated with someone who doesn’t care about the presence on social media because that could possibly harm you if you are seen conversation with them in the professional field. It’s also good to see that they interact with tons of other people with similar interest and don’t just have an account and not talk with other people because thats a turn off. Whats the point of having an account like that if you ant going got use it to its full potential. I hope that people look at my profiles and are interested by what they see and are intrigued to follow my path through life because that is one of my main goals, to take people through my journey of life through my social media accounts that way the world is able to view them!


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