Week 4 Post

Have you guys checked out Diigo yet? If not, you definitely should! Ive talked about using it before in one of my previous posts but after what we learned this week, I am even more intrigued by this website. It is so easy to use and becomes very helpful at times. I am able to see multiple posts by my fellow classmates and see what they are sharing to the group. This helps me learn new and exciting things that I never would seen or thought about if it wasn’t for a classmate sharing it. This website can be used for a variety of different reasons, you could just be sharing things with your friends, you could be in a group with coworkers sharing important information, or you could be like me in a group with classmates learning new things.  You can even have conversations with fellow group members on the posts that they shared and the cool thing about this website is that everything that goes on in the group, everyone who is a member of the group can see it so thats interesting so see everyone collaborating and communicating with each other. As well as exploring Diigo, I also had the chance to check out this website called BitLy. This is an extremely beneficial tool for me. It allow the user to copy and paste a long URL, which I’m sure we all dread when trying to type it I’m somewhere, and lets you shorten the URL to something much easier and to your liking. That way when looking it up, its not this humungous line of random words and letters. I highly recommend that you guys take a look at these two websites because I know that they could come in handy at some point in you’re life.


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