Week 2 Post

Hey guys I’m back! Being a blogger is so much fun, I never would have thought that I would be enjoying this as much as I am right now! Well anyways guess what? I finally made a Twitter, is that exciting? Now I know everyone has there own way of using their twitter but for me, my Twitter is going to be strictly about branding my image and staying professional. I think it is very important to have a strong and positive look on social media especially Twitter because this is probably one of the Top 3 social media applications. This is going to be my way of communicating to my fans and audience and give them an inside look at my life while at the same time promoting any kind of  work that I am involved with at the time. If I constantly post stuff about me partying and going out then thats going to wind up biting me in the butt because when I go looking for work, such as hosting a new TV show, the company doesn’t want to have a host who is a party animal and who is not focused on work. Social media has taken over the world as we all know by now, so yeah you might have a great personality and are fun to be around and a hard worker but you’re social media accounts pretty much say everything about you. So if there are things on there that shouldn’t be, it could be a deal breaker to potential employers. I stumbled upon this website called Diigo and this is where people can post and share interesting articles/blogs that they find elsewhere so that there followers and groups can potentially learn something new from them. I read several articles that my peers shared about branding an image online and this has helped me tremendously. So if any of you have anything that would be of help to developing my online image feel free to check out Diigo and share some cool stuff, otherwise keep an eye on my Twitter for constant updates!


Week 1 Post

Wow! My first blog post how interesting and fun this is going to be! So let’s go ahead and dive right in to this weeks’ topic. As we all know, the world of social media has become the most popular way for people to communicate and find out more about each other. I have recently learned, which I did not know before, that up to 59% of employers are influenced by the social media accounts of their candidates according to this blog that I found. Everything that I post online is a reflection of the kind of person I am and I want that to be a bright,adventurous and positive one. Now from what I see on social media it makes me second guess the thought process of a lot of people. Now I’m not going to play dumb, I too have mistakenly uploaded material that at the time I thought would be cool and funny. It wasn’t until later that I learned, from a professor, that when you go to apply for jobs the first thing employers do is check every single one of your social media accounts to see what you are like outside of the professional world. And this is where opportunities are ruined for tons of people because they don’t realize what they put on the internet is for the whole world to see. It is crucial and I repeat CRUCIAL that my social media accounts remain appropriate and acceptable while at the same time staying intriguing and interesting to view. I plan on hopefully entering the world of hollywood one day and when I do my online presence and social media accounts are going to be my main way of keeping my fan base up to date with my daily life. I want television and radio companies to be proud to have me represent them and having a bad rep online will not do that. I have a lot of dreams and goals and I don’t want those to be limited due to what I post online so trust me when I say that when future employers go to look me up they will not be disappointed I promise.