Week 11 Post

Well guys, this is it. We’re coming down to the last week of classes. This is the final stretch home, I’m almost there I can see the end of the semester in the distance and I am so ready to have an amazing summer. Wow, I cant believe this class went by so fast, it feels as if almost yesterday we were creating our professional “aboutme” pages. What a journey it has been. And a rather pleasant one too. This class really has been so much fun to be in, I have learned so much and will take all of these skills with me into the future. I think this is the only class in my 14 years of school that has really taught me about the future, job seeking, and skills for the real world. And I am benefitting from it in so many ways. College in my opinion is not preparing us students for the future and looking for jobs when we graduate. I hate to say it but its true. They aren’t teaching us real world skills that we will use outside of the classroom. This os the only class that has done so and if I never would’ve take this class I would’ve been missing out on so much important information. Almost all of the classes I have taken so far in college have not given me a perspective on what I am going to deal with in the real world and thats disappointing. I think everybody should be required to take CISC101 because they can learn a few things as did I. And now I think I am more prepared than ever to enter the world as an adult after graduation and follow my dreams and take these skills along the way on my journey to success. I made a Prezi which I am already very familiar with, detailing my experiences and thoughts on this class through the semester. Thank you guys from staying up to date and in tune with my blog posts throughout the weeks. I advise you all to look for me soon in the near future on you’re TVs and Radios because I promise you I am going to make it big one day and you guys were my first supporters so I’ll make sure to thank not only you guys but also Professor Boyer when I am accepting my Oscar!


Week 9 Post


Look guys I made a meme! I love memes I literally see them all over the internet and they are the funniest things to read. It was kind of difficult to create one while at the same time trying to convey a message within the meme. At first I was really stuck and didn’t know what to make but then I thought to myself, I should try and connect it to a personal experience. And then a light bulb went off in my head. Have you went out on a school night and partied a little too hard and then the next day you walk into class and totally forgot that there was a test? Yep, unfortunately I have been there before and it made me want to cry. So the message I am trying to convey here is that you should always know you’re schedule, know when you have tests, appointments, events, etc. Anything important you have going on you should have written down or set on your calendar that way you know what you have going on. That way you dont end up like this guy aka Michael Jordan on a meme and have the whole world make memes about you.

Week 8 Post

GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? I am in the process of creating a website! Isn’t that cool? My own website, wow never thought I would ever say that. This is going to allow me to put all of my information onto one platform. Whether it be personal or business related, my fans will be able to go there to stay up to date with me. I plan on having all of my social media accounts linked to it so that people will be able to go to my accounts straight from the site. I also plan to have a schedule and calendar of al my upcoming press tours, meet and greets, etc so that the fans will be able to attend events of mine. Heres a link to my site so that you guys can check it out, its a rough draft layout so don’t be alarmed it is unfinished. Apart from the exciting news of my new website I also have stumbled upon a new tool which I am in love with. It is called TEDTalks. This is a website in which public speakers have shows where they talk to and explain some of todays most fascinating ideas and and talks about the world. These videos really make you question what Life is and it is so interesting. Theres talks on there from Finding Success all the way to understanding how the Brain works and thinks. This website is very motivational. On my website I will most likely share and post videos form this site to inspire my viewers and fans to go out there and chase there dreams and inspire them to purse them. And also to just show fans what I’m interested in and what I think of them.

Week 7 Post

Hey guys, Im back form Spring Break. It was a much needed break for me lol I’ve been so stressed and worked up about school Im thankful for the time off to relax. This week we learned about creating resumes and we were assigned to create a “fake” thats reads as if we were graduating and what we had accomplished in that time span. Here is link to mine which I encourage all of you to check out! It’s very important to have a strong resume with tons of experiences. This is the only way employers will know of what you have done in the past and what you have learned which can contribute to their company. Without a resume or experience there isn’t much you can do because sadly employers will not take you seriously and will think of you as unprofessional. So my advice to all of you readers is to go out there and see the world. Do things you’re really interested in and have fun!

Week 6 Post

Now this week I am going to talk about something that is very well known in this world. And that is Copyright Laws. You see what a copyright law does is it protects the content of a piece of work, such as: music, film, tv, products, etc. And the originator/creator owns all right to the work and decides where it goes, who can see it and also who can have it. What this does is it prevents others from trying to steal and use these pieces of work elsewhere for their own purposes. For example, Pirating movies is illegal because it breaks copyright laws and these people record the movies in the theatre and then make copies and sell them for money without the knowledge of the original owner. In my opinion that is so messed up that people have the audacity to copy someone else work and use if for their own selfish needs. Copyright is something that needs to be around forever in order to protect ones work. Which leads me right into my next topic which is Plagiarism. Plagiarism is very similar to copyright. But this occurs when an individual takes word for word lets say a speech for example and uses it as their own speech and pretends as if they are the ones that wrote it. When in reality that is someone else’s doing. You are taking all the credit for something you didn’t do and taking all the hard work of someone else and making it seem as if you did it. This is so wrong on many levels. The creator probably spent hours working on there things and to have someone come and take all the credit for something they didn’t do is a shame. Now remixing is a little different. This is when someone takes small parts of a bigger picture and uses those small parts for a different project that has elements of the original. Now in my opinion this isn’t too bad because in most cases the originator gives permission and is often involved in the process of the remix. All in all I think people should stop trying to steal other peoples works of art because is horrible. To know that I could work so hard on something and the have someone come along and steal all of it and use it as if they did it is so disappointing and sad. I hope this will one day stop and that these laws are proven to be more strict that way it doesn’t happened again. Sorry if I became a little too involved in this weeks blog, but I really feel strongly about this and believe this needs to be taken care of.

Week 5 Post

I can hardly contain my excitement at this moment because of this new website that I was introduced to this past week! It is honestly one of the most creative and actually useful social media websites I have seen in a while. Even the layout and way it is all set up is very appealing to my eyes. This place pretty much organizes all the different types of social media accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Netflix! and puts it all on one page. From there you are able to click on your desired destination and it takes you straight to that site. This is so much easier and better than having to type in the URL and hit enter and all that other nonsense lol. As well as being introduces to this site, my teacher also challenged us to find an association or publication site of something that is in your desired field for a job in the future, (I chose the E! news network because thats where the celebrity news is on) and go to one of their social media outlets and to look at the people having conversations or sharing info on that page and see if they are the type of people you would want to follow for your own purposes. By doing this I am able to dive deeper into the world of entertainment which is what I plan on pursuing and it allows me to see other people interested in the same thing. It’s almost like this sort of chain where I go to one site, then from there go to another site associated with it, then see all the people on this new site, and so on and so forth. Its almost never ending if you think about it because one person will lead to another. This could be beneficial in the future cause I could start out interacting with people who are small in the business and eventually get to talking with some executives and the higher up people in the industry that could land me better gigs and jobs. Some things I was looking for within different peoples profiles were that they all stayed professional which is a good thing because you don’t want to be associated with someone who doesn’t care about the presence on social media because that could possibly harm you if you are seen conversation with them in the professional field. It’s also good to see that they interact with tons of other people with similar interest and don’t just have an account and not talk with other people because thats a turn off. Whats the point of having an account like that if you ant going got use it to its full potential. I hope that people look at my profiles and are interested by what they see and are intrigued to follow my path through life because that is one of my main goals, to take people through my journey of life through my social media accounts that way the world is able to view them!

Week 4 Post

Have you guys checked out Diigo yet? If not, you definitely should! Ive talked about using it before in one of my previous posts but after what we learned this week, I am even more intrigued by this website. It is so easy to use and becomes very helpful at times. I am able to see multiple posts by my fellow classmates and see what they are sharing to the group. This helps me learn new and exciting things that I never would seen or thought about if it wasn’t for a classmate sharing it. This website can be used for a variety of different reasons, you could just be sharing things with your friends, you could be in a group with coworkers sharing important information, or you could be like me in a group with classmates learning new things.  You can even have conversations with fellow group members on the posts that they shared and the cool thing about this website is that everything that goes on in the group, everyone who is a member of the group can see it so thats interesting so see everyone collaborating and communicating with each other. As well as exploring Diigo, I also had the chance to check out this website called BitLy. This is an extremely beneficial tool for me. It allow the user to copy and paste a long URL, which I’m sure we all dread when trying to type it I’m somewhere, and lets you shorten the URL to something much easier and to your liking. That way when looking it up, its not this humungous line of random words and letters. I highly recommend that you guys take a look at these two websites because I know that they could come in handy at some point in you’re life.

Week 3 Post

You know, up until now I never knew how big the world of social media was. I was familiar with the popular sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but I had no idea there were hundreds of other very useful and interesting sites that are available to oneself. I had the opportunity of exploring a couple of social media sites that are very new to me and I am actually enjoying them to my surprise. There is this one site by the name of Hootsuite which allows the user to add live streams of each of their different social media accounts all in one place without having to log into each one separately. This may possibly be one of my favorite sites now that I have had time to get a better understanding of it. This is great for me because I have a lot of different accounts and having them all in one is very beneficial and less confusing and stressful for me. I can see what’s going on in my Twitter and Facebook at the same time side by side and not have to switch tabs, what can get better than that?!?! In the future when I hopefully become a well known celebrity this will be of tremendous help because I will most likely have multiple accounts. Some for my fans and followers, and the other for my personal life such as family and close friends. Ive thought a lot about what I want to do after graduation and receiving by Bachelors degree in Communications, and I don’t think I’m going to continue another education. In my opinion I don’t think I will need it for the profession that I have my eye on. I plan on hoping on a one way trip to Hollywood to pursue my dreams. I know it’s not going to be easy but trust me I don’t give up on  anything I set my mind to, Im willing to work my ass off (excuse the language) to succeed. I think that having a variety of online rescues available to me will not only help me get to where I want to be but also will open my eyes to what this world of technology has to offer to me. Especially with a big fan base ,which I hope to have one day, I need to stay on top of my game and make sure that I am updating an equal amount of info and stay consistent in all of my social media accounts.

Week 2 Post

Hey guys I’m back! Being a blogger is so much fun, I never would have thought that I would be enjoying this as much as I am right now! Well anyways guess what? I finally made a Twitter, is that exciting? Now I know everyone has there own way of using their twitter but for me, my Twitter is going to be strictly about branding my image and staying professional. I think it is very important to have a strong and positive look on social media especially Twitter because this is probably one of the Top 3 social media applications. This is going to be my way of communicating to my fans and audience and give them an inside look at my life while at the same time promoting any kind of  work that I am involved with at the time. If I constantly post stuff about me partying and going out then thats going to wind up biting me in the butt because when I go looking for work, such as hosting a new TV show, the company doesn’t want to have a host who is a party animal and who is not focused on work. Social media has taken over the world as we all know by now, so yeah you might have a great personality and are fun to be around and a hard worker but you’re social media accounts pretty much say everything about you. So if there are things on there that shouldn’t be, it could be a deal breaker to potential employers. I stumbled upon this website called Diigo and this is where people can post and share interesting articles/blogs that they find elsewhere so that there followers and groups can potentially learn something new from them. I read several articles that my peers shared about branding an image online and this has helped me tremendously. So if any of you have anything that would be of help to developing my online image feel free to check out Diigo and share some cool stuff, otherwise keep an eye on my Twitter for constant updates!

Week 1 Post

Wow! My first blog post how interesting and fun this is going to be! So let’s go ahead and dive right in to this weeks’ topic. As we all know, the world of social media has become the most popular way for people to communicate and find out more about each other. I have recently learned, which I did not know before, that up to 59% of employers are influenced by the social media accounts of their candidates according to this blog that I found. Everything that I post online is a reflection of the kind of person I am and I want that to be a bright,adventurous and positive one. Now from what I see on social media it makes me second guess the thought process of a lot of people. Now I’m not going to play dumb, I too have mistakenly uploaded material that at the time I thought would be cool and funny. It wasn’t until later that I learned, from a professor, that when you go to apply for jobs the first thing employers do is check every single one of your social media accounts to see what you are like outside of the professional world. And this is where opportunities are ruined for tons of people because they don’t realize what they put on the internet is for the whole world to see. It is crucial and I repeat CRUCIAL that my social media accounts remain appropriate and acceptable while at the same time staying intriguing and interesting to view. I plan on hopefully entering the world of hollywood one day and when I do my online presence and social media accounts are going to be my main way of keeping my fan base up to date with my daily life. I want television and radio companies to be proud to have me represent them and having a bad rep online will not do that. I have a lot of dreams and goals and I don’t want those to be limited due to what I post online so trust me when I say that when future employers go to look me up they will not be disappointed I promise.